The minimum amount that you can exchange/redeem is 1 Bitty Coin.

The value for one Bitty Coin is as follows:

1 Bitty coin =

Bitty Coin =

0.000005 BTC or

0.0018 LTC or

0. 0.00088 BCH or

1.65 DOG or

0.000075 ETH or

0.1 USDT or

0.23 XRP

Bitty Coins can be exchanged from within “My Account” section inside the profile Dashboard. You can view the Bitty Coin balance in the Loyalty section inside the profile Dashboard. As the number of Status Points matches the number of Bitty Coins, there can be as many Bitty Coins are there can be Status Points, except if gained from promotions outside the Loyalty Program.
Another way to acquire Bitty Coins is through our Discord hosted Bitty Quiz.

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