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How do I progress in the Loyalty Program?
How do I progress in the Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Progra progress

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Your progress within our loyalty program is closely tied to your gameplay. As you play, you will accumulate both Bitty Coins and Status Points, which are generated simultaneously for each wager placed.

Advancing from one planet to another and making progress within the program requires accumulating a specific number of Status Points. These points can be obtained simply by engaging in gameplay.

The total amount of bets placed, also known as the wagered amount, directly contributes to your progress. For every 500 USDT wagered (including both real and bonus funds) or its equivalent in any other cryptocurrency, you will earn 1 Status Point.

To provide you with a reference, here are the amounts that will earn you 1 Status Point:

- 0.018 BTC or 3.90 BCH or 0.28 ETH or 5.28 LTC or 7000 DOGE or 970 XRP or 500 USDT.

Furthermore, the Bitty Coins you accumulate can be exchanged for cash bonuses. To access this feature, simply visit your account's Dashboard and follow the provided link.

Please note the exchange rates for Bitty Coins:

  • 1 Bitty Coin = 0.1 USDT or 0.00000352 BTC or 0.0000780 BCH or 0.0000570 ETH or 0.001055 LTC or 1.35 DOGE or 0.20 XRP.

Continue playing, collecting Status Points, and earning Bitty Coins to unlock exciting rewards and maximize your gaming experience.

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