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Why is my withdrawal on hold?
Why is my withdrawal on hold?
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We are committed to providing fast cashout times to our customers. However, if your cashout request takes longer than 10 minutes to process, there could be several reasons for the delay. Some of the possible factors that may contribute to the delay include:

  1. Account verification: If your account verification is not yet completed, it could cause a delay in processing your cashout request. Please ensure that you have completed the necessary verification steps.

  2. Cashout address confirmation: In some cases, the cashout address provided may require confirmation before the withdrawal can be processed. This may occur when using certain cryptocurrency networks or when additional security measures are in place.

  3. Wagering requirement fulfillment: If you have an active bonus or there are wagering requirements attached to your account, it is important to fulfill these requirements before making a withdrawal. Failure to do so may result in a delay.

  4. Invalid cashout address: Double-check that the cashout address you provided is accurate and valid for the selected currency. An incorrect or invalid address can cause delays or result in the funds being sent to the wrong destination.

These factors, among others, can contribute to the delay in processing your cashout request. We strive to address any delays promptly and ensure a smooth withdrawal process for our customers.

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