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Crypto buy and deposit fees.
Crypto buy and deposit fees.
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When purchasing BTC or any cryptocurrency, there is a fee involved. As can be seen in the example below:

From this example, we can see that the total amount was $21, $0.47 was the transaction fee and the actual BTC amount was worth $20.53

Additionally, when sending the purchased BTC, there is a separate fee known as the miner fee. These fees are paid for every BTC transaction and are not related to

Please check the example below:

From this example we can observe that the Fees were 0.00002895 BTC, out of the total amount of 0.00037217 BTC, leaving the actual sent amount to 0.00034322 BTC which is under the minimum required deposit.

When sending BTC to a different address, the app/wallet provider will prompt you to choose a withdrawal speed. This is where you can view the fee that will be deducted based on your selected option.
Please note that the fee will be deducted from the amount you are sending, not in addition to it. In the Activity section, you can view the transaction and its details. By clicking on the web receipt, you can see a breakdown of the total amount, fees deducted, and the remaining amount that will be sent to the designated address.

Please be sure to constantly check the minimum deposit amount required and to consider the blockchain/miner fees. Failing to do so will result in losing the deposited funds.

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